Drama Based Training

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Delegate Participation

Learners can participate in a number of ways:
• through listening and observing
• support the character working with their group
• question the character (hot-seating)
• re-directing the actors to bring the scene to a different conclusion/resolution
• take a role
• take part in facilitated discussion groups

You Choose

We believe that learners should be able to choose how they participate. We know from our research that some organisational cultures are risk adverse and participants are more comfortable listening and observing. We believe in encouraging and challenging our learners in a safe environment, we know that anxiety inhibits learning. Our sessions are created to cater for all personality types, we are proud to produce programmes, which utilise a multitude of creative methods to strike a chord with people of diverse cultures, backgrounds and skills.
Drama based training is a very effective learning approach for:
• Appraisal skills training
• Coaching programmes
• Customer service training
• Equality and Diversity programmes
• Difficult conversations
• Conflict resolution
• Sales skills development