Drama Based Training

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Our Approach

Drama based training provides a learning environment which is powerful, fun and engaging. Our drama based learning programmes are designed with our client’s needs in mind; we use professional actors to create realistic scenarios. Results are at the heart of what we do, our drama based techniques provoke delegates to connect with the issues we are exploring to achieve reflection and where applicable, a change in behaviour. During the session delegates are able to explore different strategies for solving the conflict that the scenes present. Interviewing, or ‘hot-seating’, the characters enable the audience to think about an issue from the ‘character’s’ perspective.
Organisations come back to us because they appreciate that we will always find a practical solution that works in their unique environment.

Delegate engagement and participation is central to drama-based learning. As a result of research we conducted over 2 years, we encourage delegates to participate at their own level, so for some this will mean listening and observing whilst others will enjoy directing the actors to a different conclusion and occasionally some delegates may want to take their place alongside the actors in the scene. Facilitated discussions also take place during the event enabling everyone to reflect on the issues presented in our bespoke Forum Theatres.