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Our Values - Resound Training & Development

Our Values

• We work collaboratively at every stage in designing and delivering a drama-based learning programme.
• We work closely with our clients so we understand their learning objectives, their organisational culture and the challenges they face. We then create bespoke, meaningful, thoughtful, inspiring and fun programmes that reflect their culture and will meet individual and organisational learning objectives.
• Our team members are involved throughout. We devise our drama work which means the actors are actively creating the work with the director, they are not handed a script and asked to turn up on the day. They are involved throughout.
• The learner is at the centre of all our programmes.
• The approach we take to participation and risk taking in drama based programmes means we earn the respect of our delegates.
• We encourage delegates to engage and participate at a level that is appropriate for them and which allows them to learn effectively.
• Discussion groups are an integral part of the design of all our programmes ensuring each individual has an opportunity to express their views, ask questions and reflect on their learning.
• We believe in embracing every opportunity for learning and improvement.
• We support our client organisations deliver change through learning.
• We continuously reflect and learn and seek to improve our learning programmes to ensure we provide high impact, high value learning and development.